Rules & Regulations

Our Rules & Regulations:

  • All payment for services to «TringTring-Adult», as well as its agents, it is a payment exclusively for the client's familiarity with the model
  • The payment made by the clients to the model is just a meeting fees and does not mean it is for sexual services its just a meeting cost, or you can consider it as a guide, personal secretary or a special company.
  • All that refers to personal relationships that may arise or occur between the client and the model is an exclusive right of two adults, adult citizens and it’s not a service, provided by the agency and it is not a subject to any financial compensation between clients and agency models.
  • The Agency «TringTring-Adult» doesn’t offer, doesn’t agree, doesn’t promote prostitution or any other illegal services.
  • The agency is an elite private club and members are required to comply with strict terms and conditions of membership, including agreement to refrain from requesting illegal services, either from the agency or the models.
  • We also ask all of our clients always behave in a respectful manner to communicate with the agency and with models.
  • Payments to be made in cash to the model or online transfer in following currency : INR & USD